What Type of Legal Advice Can I Get From a Divorce Lawyer?

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Filing for divorce is challenging even if you are able to end your relationship civilly. A Toronto divorce lawyer does more than just argue your case; they also provide you with key information necessary for making decisions throughout the divorce process. As the Ministry of the Attorney General explains, “A lawyer can help you understand the issues that may be involved in your case and the effects that a divorce may have on your rights and obligations.” We’re here to give you a sense of the kind legal advice you can expect to receive from a divorce lawyer.

What You’re Entitled To

A divorce lawyer knows more than just how equalization payments work (though having someone on your side who knows this can be very helpful!). They also know what property is excluded and can fight for your rights to what you are owed. A divorce lawyer can advise you regarding not only how much you should receive, but why, including which assets of your former partner’s you have a claim to, depending on when and how they were obtained by your ex.

What Your Responsibilities Are

Just as you are entitled to certain things, so is your ex. And both of you have to ensure that you follow proper procedures when getting divorced to minimize complications and expedite the process. A divorce lawyer’s advice can make the divorce process run smoother and help you avoid legal trouble.

What To Let Go Of

A divorce lawyer can also tell you when you’re fighting a losing battlewhether you are wasting money, time, or emotional energy (or all three). This could be in regards to financial assets or visitation rights. This advice can help you maintain your focus on the important issues to be resolved and move toward your new life instead of staying trapped in an endless war with your ex. During such a challenging time, having a professional well-versed in the divorce process can help you think clearly and minimize the stress of letting go.

Seeking Legal Advice?

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