Why Did She Cheat On Me?

cheating coupleWhen your spouse cheats on you, it can be devastating. The damage caused frequently leads to divorce. It may feel so but it is not the end of the world. While it may feel as though you are the only one going through this, you are not alone. Divorce currently makes up one third of all court cases in Canada. The National Average indicating that between 35 and 42 percent of all marriages end before the 30th year. Like so many others, you may have thought your marriage was working just fine until you found yourself asking, “Why did she cheat on me?”

She Was Bored

There may be many reasons for this. You may be working all the time to support your family or perhaps you just stopped doing things together, or maybe you stopped making her laugh. Although marriage has many challenges, women always need to feel some enjoyment in the marriage or else they may turn to someone else who gives them the thrills they are not finding with you.

She Felt Undesired

Oftentimes men take their wives for granted and cease to tell them how beautiful they are. Even if they have put on a few pounds in the course of making a family, she needs to know that she is still beautiful  or she may find someone who makes her feel like the woman she was before you got married.

She Was Going Through a Transition

Women go through many changes in their life and often times, they reflect on their own choices. Perhaps they have lost a parent or maybe one of your kids has just gotten engaged. Maybe that new job has her reevaluating her choices. Whatever it is that is new in her life, she may need to find a distraction form the wellspring of her emotions and look to someone new to take her focus off her confusion.

She Is Just Not Attracted To You Anymore

It’s an unavoidable fact of life that marriage changes you not only mentally, but physically as well. Just as a woman may gain weight, so can you. Perhaps you’ve let yourself go, or perhaps you’re just getting older in ways your wife may not appreciate. Whatever the reason, she may be losing sexual interest in you. This may not reflect how she feels about you, but it is painful nonetheless.  She may well look for another sexual partner to fulfill her desires if you are no longer attractive to her.

She Resents You

Men and women enter into marriage with a specific set of shared goals. Sometimes, the woman finds herself reevaluating these goals and begin to focus on new ones. When that happens, you may feel the need to remind her of your previous agreements. When her goals no longer match your agenda, she may resent you for not accepting her new choices. Again, this is a sign of not being compatible with her and, she may look for validation elsewhere.

No matter the reason, infidelity is painful. If you have irreconcilable differences and are contemplating getting a divorce, It’s time to stop asking “why did she cheat on me?”, and find out how you can manage your losses and preserve what you can so you can move on and repair your life. Our Newmarket divorce lawyers are ready to help you in any way possible.

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