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Adultery: Crime? Charges?


I would like to know whether or not “Adultery” is considered a crime in Canada?
By the term Adultery, I mean sexual intercourse between one man and one woman in which one of (or both of) them is (are) married at the time of Adultery.

I goggled a lot, however, most of the online information talk about filing a divorce or similar actions related to divorce.

I do not want to know about the divorce part; my question is if Adultery is a kind of crime or not. For example, if somebody could prove that there has been sexual intercourse between two married cases, then what kind of charges (minimum and maximum charges) may apply to them.

I have also a kind of confusion with the term “consensual sex”. How it is different.

I would appreciate your comments and guide. Thank you very much.

— John R. T.


There is no criminal charge for committing adultery.

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