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Child support

My ex-wife informed me recently that she may be dissolving the relationship with her common-law partner of 7 years (the guy she left me for!!). We have two children together and shared custody 50/50. The kids also have shared time with mum and dad 50/50. She doesn’t work, her income is the support payment plus the child tax credit every month. Her common-law partner works. They rent the house that they live in. His income is unknown to me. I understand she can claim spousal support from him and potentially child support from him.
We have a separation agreement set in place by your company. I currently pay child support and Alimony that total $900 a average earnings for the last 3 years $68k.
I pay for kids medical & extra curricular activities. Her alimony payment finishes in November of this year. I have informed her that the children can reside with me full time until she re-establishes herself.
If they do decide to split what extra $ is she entitled to claim from me???

— Tim J.


Hi, I don't believe she could get more money from you unless there are facts I am not aware of. We would have to look at the wording of the separation agreement to see if it is possible for her to seek a further extension of spousal support and we would have to look at the child support guidelines to ensure you are paying the proper amount of child support based on your income. You may want to discuss all of this with your lawyer. I suggest you call for a consultation. Then you can determine if you need any further representation. It may be that you a consultation will result in you getting the answers you need without further legal help (or fees) from us! Good luck.

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