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child support

My ex has recently been let go from his place of full-time employment. (So he says.) He claims he can’t pay his support anymore. First of all, he pays less than what he is required to by law. The payments are mostly late. There have been other times over the years where he just stops paying for a few months at a time. My other problem is that he usually would take the winter off from his full-time job to ski instruct/coach full time. He also runs a bed and breakfast out of his home with his wife. So how is it he doesn’t have the income to pay support? What are my rights? How can I prove he has income? I have his SI number can a lawyer prove he is working?

— Cynthia B.


Dear Cynthia, It sounds like a tricky case but we have dealt with many cases like this one. I have had some success hiring a private investigator to find out of someone is actually working and to guess their income. It costs some money but can be helpful. Of course, you could always take him to court and get a judge to order him to provide a copy of his bank account statements, credit card statements and other paperwork that might indicate his income. If you want to discuss all your options, I suggest you book a consultation with one our lawyers using the "Request Consultation" form on the right side of this web page. Good luck.

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