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Child Support After The Age of 18


I have been reading about paying child support after the child is 18 (I read your article too), but still would like to clarify a few things as it is hard to find info…

If my daughter doesn’t go to school right away (maybe she takes a year or two off), am I still obligated to pay support?
If my daughter does go to school right away, and then finishes her course, is the support agreement terminated through FRO right away? Or am I going to have to have to go through the court?
Does FRO terminate support payments at any time automatically? Or am I going to have to go through the court one way or another?

Her mother is a full-on narcissistic personality and I know will not mutually agree to terminate at any point. She’d like me to pay her until the end of time. If I could pay my daughter directly that would be great, but probably not possible through FRO. The mother and I were never married either; I’m not sure if that makes a difference.

Thanks so much for your time,


— Bruce H.

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