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child support for adult child

Been separated/divorced since 2009 and paying child support. We had a QC agreement but I now live in ON (Military). I was told my QC agreement wasn’t really valid but my ex and I have been using it anyways. (moved in ON Aug 2011). My daughter is now 20 and is in a full-time university which I help pay for fees and books too. She will be done with her 3 year BAC diploma next year. Can I then stop paying for child support? Both parents never went to university. She is planning on continuing beyond her 3-year program. Do I still need to pay for child support? I also heard that I wasn’t required to pay child support during the summer months when she wasn’t in school Is that correct? She works between 15-25 hours a week all year long and a bit more in the summer. I have no problem helping her with the university but child support…

Thank you


— Sylvain M.


Here is an excellent blog written by one of our lawyers. It should answer all your questions.

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