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Contesting a divorce

Hello. I filed for an uncontested divorce from my wife, after she told me on Facebook to go to court and file for an uncontested divorce! Had her served and then she texts me angry saying how can I sign her name to papers. I told her, her signature was not needed when applying, and the court papers explain the process. We have no children, assets, I’m not working, have no money, her facebook says she has been divorced since Oct 2015 and she posts she is in a relationship. WE haven’t seen each other for a year. What does a person have to do to contest a divorce? Do they have to pay any fees? I know they don’t need a lawyer. I filed myself and I am worried she may contest it, based on nothing, just to hurt me. Is there anything she can do to stop this divorce and is there any chance this may ever go before a judge? She was angry, that she was served when I told her I was meeting her to bring the paper to her, I just said that to get her in a place, where she can be served, as she refused to give me her address and I’ve contacted her for months and was ignored until finally she responded and said to go file for this divorce. Thank you.

— Tom A.

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