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Dealing Private Assessors

What are some tips for dealing Private Assessors and OCL assessments?

— Ryan R.


If an assessment is being done regarding custody and access issues, you need to be on your best behaviour. It is best to accept that if the assessment has been ordered, it is best to cooperate with the assessor. Be on time for appointments and respectful of the assessor. Being hostile will create a negative impression and not help your case. Focus your concerns on issues related solely to parenting (not personal grievances about your spouse). Make notes in advance of meetings so that you remember the important information you want to convey. If you have any relevant documents, you can bring them to show the assessor. Don't try to persuade your child to say nice things about you and nasty things about your spouse. It will likely back fire and you could be accused of parental alienation. Just assure your child that they are meeting with someone who just wants to get to know them and how life is for them. Be honest, open and truthful. No parent is perfect. If you made a mistake and you are asked about it, be truthful and respectful. You will show maturity which is a nice feature in any parent!

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