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Division of CPP credit

I have been divorced for over a year. My ex and I have a legal agreement where we have already divided our assets and he has already got a substantial amount of my RRSP’s and other retirement savings. The agreement also outlines that I pay him a set amount of alimony for 3 years and then we are done.

I have received a letter from Services Canada requesting information because he has now applied for division of my CPP pension credit. Considering division of my CPP credit was not included in our previous legal agreement, am I still legally obligated to divide this credit?

I feel like I have already had to pay him so much money and he just keeps coming back and finding ways to get more. please help!

— Jennifer P.


Hi, There is nothing you can do to stop him from dividing the CPP credits. It is his right to do so and you cannot stop it. Even if you had a written agreement that said you would not divide it, he could go ahead and divide it. Sounds like you are near the end of the process. Soon this will be a distant memory as you move forward with your life.

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