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Husband wants all 3 kids, how does he get them

My brother is in an unstable relationship, his wife is depressed and has been for a while and will not get treatment.
they have 3 children all under the age of 5. He solely supports the family, including cooking, cleaning and taking care of kids when he’s not working.
She refuses to get her driver’s license, she he continues to run around for her after working a long day, diapers, milk etc… then cooks his own dinner. Much much more.. pls help

— Theresa R.


The father has a strong case for care of the children. The best next step is to book a consultation with one of our lawyers. We can assist by giving him some advise as to how to proceed. Of course, it is best to stay out of court. We strongly urge clients to consider the Collaborative process. It is very effective and efficient. He should start with the consultation by calling our office or using the Request Consultation form. He then will get the information he needs to begin the process.

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