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A newborn child four weeks old being raised by both birth parents independently. Is there a rule of thumb as to when a parent can share custody 50-50 time wise. Both of us agree but as the father it’s rather difficult to approach the subject with her as I know the mother would like a realationship with me but I have always made it clear since the onset of her announcing she is pregnant that that’s not in our future, but l will be a hands on father. We are both single without complications and both currently live with our very supportive families.
The mother decided against nursing.

— Rod S.


There is no "rule of thumb". The court decides based on what is in the best interests of the child. Each case is decided on its own merits. Some more traditional judges may say that a baby should be primarily with the mother. Other judges may say both parents are able to care for a baby and so a 50/50 regime makes sense. Some experts say it is important to the development of the child that the child have a meaningful relationship with both parents.

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