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legal aid

My name is Shelly, I am currently going through a custody case where I’m being denied access. I need help to have a strong case built myself but am obviously in need of legal assistance. I am eligible for legal aid does your firm by any chance take legal aid at all. I live in Newmarket my daughter resides in Simcoe so the case is in Barrie courts. Thank you

— Shelly S.


Dear Shelly, We do not accept Legal Aid cases but what we do offer that may be of interest is a consultation. You'll have a chance to review your case and get advice about how to successfully conduct your own case. Sometimes clients will retain us to just create the documents but then they represent themselves at court. This saves our clients a lot of money. They will sometimes come back and pay for further advice as they proceed. This is substantially less costly than retaining a lawyer to represent you throughout the process. It is not as good as having your own lawyer but it is certainly better than trying to do it all by yourself. Good luck. If you want our help, please call 705 727-4242

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