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Parental obligation if child was asked to leave family home

My husband has been separated from his 1st wife for over 12 years. They have 2 children with joint custody but primarily live with the mother. In January 2016, the mother requested that the youngest child (17 years old at the time) leave the house citing that she could not deal with his attitude and behaviour. He’s a normal teenager – not in trouble with the law, goes to school, works part-time, doesn’t run around with gangs. He has since moved out, continued his high school, will be graduating in a few weeks and is enrolled in Chef school in October. His father has been giving him directly the amount of child that he was paying the mother to help cover his expenses. The mother so far has not contributed any financial assistance to him. The father has asked many times that they each give him $500.00 to cover his cost. She has refused. As she is refusing to pay her half of the tuition for this year, citing that she will pay the tuition for next year. In the separating agreement, it states that both parents will share equally the cost for tuition. There is no guarantee that the son will pursue his course next year so one year at a time should be dealt with.

What are both parents’ obligations toward their son? My husband so far has paid the first installment for college, the next one is due by July 1st and the last one is by September 1st. He also gives his son $630.00 per month (since January)

She has given him nothing so far.

Thank you for any information or advice that you can give

Pierrette Mazerolle

— Pierrette M.

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