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Problems with my daughter and finding out my Ex-husband was enabling her

I just found out my daughter has been smoking pot. My home is my children’s primary residence and they visit their father every other weekend where he lives with his common law wife and her two children.

Now I know that teenagers will be teenagers and they experiment. But I found out my daughter was smoking pot because my ex-Husband called to tell me he found her with a pipe and she was high at dinner. Upon deeper discussion with my daughter I did find out this was true but I also found out that a year prior my ex-husband and his common law wife purchased pot so that his step daughter, step son and my daughter could try it in a safe environment rather then with the wrong people. What legal right do I have? How can I trust the judgement of my ex-husband that he won’t also do something similar with my younger daughter?

— Angela S.


Hi, Family court has limited resources. All it can do is change custody of the children or limit or prevent access by the father. At the age of your children, the court may listen to their wishes. The result may not be any better. I suggest contacting a counsellor or therapist who can help you and your ex work through your different parenting styles. This would be more effective than seeking a "legal" response to his choices. Good luck.

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