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Inability to remove spouse from Home/Auto ins policy when bundled for discount if still residing at same address

I contacted my insurance company to see if they could contact my spouse and arrange a new separate policy with him for his vehicle that is in his name only and take him off of my policy. I was told that I could not remove him and they could not remove him without him contacting them and authorizing it as long as we are both registered at the same address. The premium for this policy comes out of my chequing account and they said that I will be responsible for it until he does contact them which could be indefinitely. My husband has his 1999 Chevrolet Silverado on kijiji for sale “AS iS” and I was worried that if someone bought it for parts and never changes the title I would never be able to prove that it was not in his possession. I think that the auto insurance regulations need to change to align with our Divorce laws which give us the right to live separately in our matrimonial home,which is also recognized by the CRA….This rule is archaic and needs amending now ….I contacted the FSCO and was told that is very true and you have to be sure that is covered in a separation agreement…..sad but true. I am hoping to see countries listed on the support collection agreement list increase also. It is too easy to relocate to a country not covered and then request your locked in RRSP that should be set aside for your retirement years . There is no real good reason to pay money to have a financial agreement signed that can not be 100% enforced. Since 1 in 4 marriages end up in divorce ,the banks or government should have a refundable temporary fund to help people relocated and then repay those costs at settlement time It should not be a time that you get knocked down and stepped on but a time where aid is available to prop you up so you can live the rest of your days in an acceptable manner. .That would be healthier for the whole family . Our Divorce laws need modernizing and streamlining with built in safe guards and investigative measures. The services of a qualified mediator and financial advisor should be standard and included with the legal services required as one package.

— Brenda L

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