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Separation Agreement Online?

Where can I find a separation agreement online? Do I need a lawyer to help complete them?

— Ryan R.


We certainly do not recommend you do your own separation agreement. They are fraught with problems. A separation agreement is a legally binding document that resolves all the issues of your separation and divorce. You want it done properly and with the advice of a lawyer. One judge used to say "doing your own legal work is like doing your own electrical work; if you make a mistake you just might get a big shock!" So true! I once had a client who did his own homemade, online, separation agreement. His wife then changed her mind and challenged the validity of the agreement. The judge said the agreement was not done properly and set it aside. My client ended up paying his wife an additional $30,000.00, plus an additional $1,500 per month in support. He thought he was saving himself some money by doing it himself. In the end, he collapsed in court suffering a near heart attack. If he had done the separation agreement properly from the start, he would have saved himself thousands of dollars!

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